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How to eliminate mold in your home?

Mold remediation experts are the most effective way to get rid of mold from your home. Companies such as Mold Remediation USA can help remove and prevent mold infestation. When you find mold in your home, you need to make sure that you act fast as an infestation can lead to health issues as well as damage to your home.

What Causes Mold Problems In The House?

There are different types of mold, from spores that come in through an air conditioner to mildew in areas like the bathroom caused by moisture or plumbing leaks. Mold grows in moisture which is why you might see growth in the bathroom. Black mold can appear on shower curtains, windows, walls, ceiling tiles. Spores can also come in through an exhaust fan. It is important to remember that what you see is only surface mold, and there will likely be more underneath. As we have mentioned, microscopic mold spores come in with the air through exhaust fans, which is why hiring a professional to remove mold is the safest option. Any mold problem that covers more than 10 square feet needs a professional mold cleaner to handle to prevent health problems.

How To Remove Mold

If you want to do your part to keep your home safe and free from mold, there are some cleaning tools that you can use, and we are going to guide you through them. The following tools can work to protect the people in your house only if you have caught the mildew early. Excess mold and mildew can cause a lot of health risks, such as respiratory problems, which is why you need to act fast. There are some products you can use at home that can kill mold on sight giving you some autonomy when it comes to protecting your family.
These are:
Household Chlorine Bleach: Household bleach is a cleaning product that everyone should own, and it can be a great tool to kill mold. It can also work to remove discoloration. To clean surfaces, you will need to make a water and bleach solution, and this can be applied to a surface such as drywall and wood using a spray bottle.
Oxygen Bleach: This can be used to remove mildew and mold from clothing, and the steps are fairly simple. As with any other form of strong cleaning detergent, mix one cup of the bleach with water and spray it onto clothes using a garden sprayer bottle. You will need to throw away what cannot be cleaned to prevent problems.
Tea Tree Oil: Molds can develop on all kinds of surfaces, and porous surfaces like wood such as your work area or basement panels might not be able to handle the standard bleach and water. Instead, something natural like tea tree and hot water can be used to eliminate odors and kill some kinds of mold. Mix tea tree and water, apply gently onto the wood surfaces wearing rubber gloves to protect your skin.
Remember to keep all cleaning products away from the eyes and out of reach of children, and they contain toxic ingredients.
Black mold removal is not as straightforward, and professional service will be required to move this mold growth.
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