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Mold in the attic? Let's talk removal

A mold problem in the attic is a common issue, and it can create issues throughout the rest of your home if left unattended, as attic mold can damage the structure of your home. If you are dealing with an infestation of more than 10 square feet, professional help will be needed. Mold Remediation USA is a professional cleaning service that can get your home back into a safe, clean state. There are also things you can do to get rid of mold problems.

Why The Attic?

The attic is the perfect place for mold to grow because of its temperatures, the amount of wood that bacteria use as a food source, and the lack of ventilation. Attic air provides the right amount of insulation bacteria need to grow.
There are some tell-tale signs that there is mold, such as water stains on the roof sheathing, which will indicate that there is a water problem like a leak.
You need to act fast when you see an infestation, as it can affect everything in this crawl space, from the plumbing stacks stored in attics to the roof decking and any other surface.

How To Get Rid Of Attic Mold

The first step in dealing with a mold problem is doing a home inspection. Take some time to look through the attic, the roof panels, and other areas for mold growth. People who are trying to sell their house will need a home inspector to do this, and it will cause a lot of problems if they find mold. Attics are usually the worst offender for this, and under these conditions, you will not be able to put your house on the market. If you see that there is mold, the following steps need to be taken. Act fast to ensure that this will be a one-time occurrence only.
1) Seal The Attic
When dealing with attic mold, the first concern for all homeowners should be protecting the rest of their house. This is why the first approach should be to seal off the attic to stop mold spores in the air from spreading.
Insulation materials can be fixed over the opening to seal it off. This will make sure that everything within the attic space is concealed in this environment, keeping the rest of the house safe during this process.
2) Handle The Moisture Problem
Moisture problems are one of the main causes of mold, which is why you will find black mold in bathrooms and spaces like bathroom fans, showers, and tile grout. Bacteria need moisture to survive, and it could be due to a leak or other water problems that it is growing in your attic.
Moisture can be removed from the air using a wet vacuum with a HEPA filter.
3) Kill The Mold
Most kinds of mold spots can be removed using bleach, vinegar, or other chemical cleaners. Watch this video to find a way to remove it effectively.
To prevent this thing from happening again, add a ventilation system into the attic to keep the air dry. This is something that can be done in most homes, anywhere in the country.
We can provide answers to any questions you have about mold removal. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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