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Mold Remediation and Mold Removal explained


It is important to act fast with a mold problem to prevent mold growth in the future. Mold is something that we all have to deal with at some point, as not only will you find mold in your home in areas such as the bathroom or basement where a moisture problem is present, but also mold spores are present in the air. Both outdoor and indoor air contains these particles, which makes mold exposure something that you cannot fully prevent.


Hiring a mold professional is the most effective way to resolve your mold problems throughout the home. However, how do you find the right mold removal team, and what services do they offer?

We are going to help you make the right decision in this guide.


Do I Need To Test For Mold?


In most cases, you will be able to see a mold situation that can prevent the need for mold testing. By definition, black mold is very easy to spot, so you will know it is time for a professional removal mold expert to come into your home to start the cleanup process. Mold can be dangerous for your health, which is why remediation needs to be done fast to keep people safe. Be wary of any cleaning company that is going to charge you for mold testing, as these are types of scare tactics a business may use. The difference between scams and true mold removal and remediation companies is how fast they will get to remove the mold contamination from your home.


How Does The Mold Remediation Process Work?


While testing is not required, an initial mold assessment of the area and air quality will be done by the mold cleanup company to see how they can best clean up the site they are working on. This is where they will work out the initial moisture source and gather what materials are required. A professional business will take any mold removal project seriously, which means that one of the first steps they take in any building is to seal off the area they are working with. This is to keep the work area separate from other parts of the house, ensuring your family is out of the way and will not be exposed to additional mold.


Humidity and water damage are two common causes of mold, and this is something you are likely to experience in your home. The mold removal company will tackle this kind of mold using professional tools that are authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be used in homes.
Professional mold service companies that offer fire damage restoration, water damage restoration and mold damage cleanup, are a good example of the kind of resources you can expect from a professional service.


Mold services offer a complete mold abatement process, which includes not only the physical mold abatement - such as removing the mold issue from the wall surface, bathrooms, or a list of other areas - but also tackling the cause of the mold. Humidity and water damage are typically the terms in which mold develops in a household.


The service will be completed by taking air samples, which should show a reduction in mold spores within the environment.


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