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How to get rid of mold on wood?

Wood surfaces are very susceptible to mold because they are porous, which means it is very easy for bacteria, black mold, and mold spores to rest inside of your furniture, flooring, or other wooden surfaces around the home. When dealing with mold that covers over 10 square feet, it is recommended to get a professional mold removal team in to deal with it. Mold Remediation USA is available every day from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and can help remove mold from wood and other areas of the home. However, for smaller issues, there are some ways you can start cleaning mold from wood without professional help.

How To Remove A Mold Infestation On Wood

Mold growth can appear around the home, from wood floors to wooden paneling and furniture. It can feel quite daunting when you realize that you have a mold problem, but there are some natural and chemical ways that you can remove mold from wood yourself.
Mold can cause a range of health issues when left unattended, which is why you need to act fast when you see mold growth in your home.
Wear Protective Clothing
When cleaning mold from wooden, porous surfaces, make sure you are wearing rubber gloves, an air mask, and safety goggles for protection. This will protect your eyes, throat, and skin from the mold species and loose spores that might come from the wood surface when you clean it.
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Ways To Kill Fungus and Mold on Wood

There are several ways that you can get mold from a wood floor or another type of wood surface, and we are going to guide you through them:
Soap and Warm Water
This is a classic cleaning trick that can be quite effective at scrubbing away the mold on the surface of the wood. Using dishwashing detergent is a great way to clean an affected area without handling chemicals. A spray bottle can be used to apply a mixture of water and soap to the surface mold before using a scrub brush to remove mold stains.
White Vinegar
This is another safe, natural cleaning solution that can kill mold and mildew. Spray the vinegar directly onto the area, and leave it to sit for at least an hour. Then with a mixture of soap and water, apply to the affected area and scrub away before letting the area air dry. Vinegar can be used on various types of molds.
Vacuuming is a great way to get rid of mold and to prevent future infestations as it will capture mold spores from the air too. This can be done on a variety of hard-to-reach areas such as window sills and baseboards. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to purify the air. Make sure to dispose of the vacuum bag after use.
Bleach can be a great solution to removing mold from wood furniture and other items, and it can cut through even the toughest stains. Just make sure that you are following the necessary safety measures when using chemical cleaners to take care of yourself. You can use bleach to remove large stains or scrub away spots of mildew from items.
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